Frontside 360 Longboarding Podcast 9

It’s been 11 months of hardship and bullshit, but WE ARE BACK! We talk about longboarding freestyle, what we’ve been up to, David’s participation in the World Freestyle Roundup, or is it the Freestyle World Roundup? Whatever. And we talk about longboarding again, and plan a video project.

Frontside 360 Longboarding Podcast 8

In this episode David and Bob catch up after months of not recording a podcast. The topic is mostly freestyle. We talked about wheelies, flow, boards, wheels, and some great skaters.

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Frontside 360 Longboarding Podcast 4

In this episode, David and Bob talk about ditch skating on longboards, Bob talks about his GREATEST VICTORY, and then we get back to longboards in ditchs. A fun talk. Here’s the Turkeybowl footage we talked about:

Longboarding at the Turkey Bowl from Bob Loftin on Vimeo. And here’s a 48″ longboard in a ditch with small walls.

Frontside 360 Longboarding Podcast 3

In our 3rd episode, we talk about David’s efforts to do flatland freestyle (in the more traditional sense) on a 40″ board, and talk about the challenges of doing that, and some strategies for adapting your longboard skating to that discipline — all inspired by the great Chris Chaput, who used 40″+ longboards in his freestyle routines in the 1970s.

Next episode – ditch skating.

Chris Chaput, doing longboard 360s in the short video Blaze On.